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CLEANSING FOAM (150ml)Delicate face cleansing foam (150ml)

Chitosan Cleansing Foam is a delicate, new-generation cosmetic for daily skin cleansing. The delicate cleansing substances contained in it remove dirt and make-up, leaving the skin soft and refreshed. The lactic acid gently peels off the epidermis, while the Chitosan particles form a protective layer on the skin, preventing it from drying.   The D-Panthenol contained in the foam helps the skin regenerate.

Uniqueness guaranteed

It is a hypoallergenic cosmetic based on the innovative ChitoVelum® technology, which allows to keep to the minimum the number of ingredients needed to manufacture cosmetics. Application of ChitoVelum® has allowed us to eliminate preservatives, silicones, carbomer, glycols, PEGs, glycerine, SLS and other filers from the product, making it 100% natural.