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SOOTHING FOAM (85ml)Delicate soothing foam (85ml)

Chitosan Soothing Foam is a new-generation soothing cosmetic. It contains chitosan, which soothes skin irritation and burns, removes redness and dryness from the skin, helping it regenerate. It forms a film protecting the skin from adverse external agents and free radicals. Ideal for after epilation and sunbathing, as well as for abrasion, allergies insect bites and skin inflammation.

Uniqueness guaranteed

It is a hypoallergenic cosmetic based on the innovative ChitoVelumPRO® technology, which allows to keep to the minimum the number of ingredients needed to manufacture cosmetics. Application of ChitoVelumPRO® has allowed us to eliminate preservatives, silicones, carbomer, glycols, PEGs, glycerine, SLS and other filers from the product, making it 100% natural.